This site is under development.

Imvertor is a system for transforming UML models into a number of technical specifications. It is built by users for users, and is 100% fit for the tasks it is designed for.

Imvertor has already been around for some 4 years. It has matured and is now available for general use. Linked Matter now supports the Imvertor software as a service.

Imvertor supports model driven development. An information model expressed as an UML class diagram is the foundation of XML and JSON schemas, documentation, compliancy tests, and the like.

Imvertor is in Open Source at Github. Imvertor is developed by Dutch Cadastre, and made available under GPL.

Imvertor may be accessed from within Enterprise Architect. A dedicated add-in is made available, which communicates with an Imvertor server process.

The information collected on the Imvertor server can be accessed using the Imvertor Dashboard. This not only provides access to the Invertor core application, but also lists all server jobs and models, and provides a fully integrated view on all models for a particular company.

Current companies using Imvertor are VNG KING, Kadaster, and Geonovum for TNO/BRO.