How is Imvertor accessed? Imvertor runs as a server application, which is easily accessed using two software channels:

  1. Integrate Imvertor and Enterprise Architect.

  2. Access all jobs and processed models for your company.

In order to access Imvertor on the server, your company needs to be listed, and you need a username/password. You will be provided with these.

You set up EA to be used as a Imvertor client. Once this is done, and you are known to the system, all your model processing requests, called "jobs", will be recorded on the server. The resulting models will also be recorded there, and integration of models is possible.

Note that Imvertor actually does not know about EA or any of the models that you and your team develop within the EA (on the desktops), but is does record all information that you send to the server when you hit the "publish" button. This information includes all packages, classes, and associations for the model that you publish, but not EA information on other models, or any diagram info.