Why is Imvertor important? What problems does it solve?

Most businesses have a good understanding of information in their domain, but experience several ICT related challenges.

  • How do I keep information and its meaning consistent and in-sync while it travels through several organisational units?

  • Why does it take so long to explain to programmers to make interfaces that are (almost) 100% correct?

  • Why do we experience so many difficulties to make interfaces that are consistent with each other?

These are the kind of challenges that Imvertor adresses. It is a toolset for developing information models, product models and interfaces an a completely integrated fashion.

Imvertor supports the creation of useable models, and making these models available for publication, integration, or deployment into the software development chain. It puts a new set of layers on the general "model building" process.

  • Check if the models are set up in accordance with predefined rules (validation).

  • Check if the models are well-related to other models (derivation).

  • Transform the models such that they can be deployed in a real world setting ( transformation).

  • Help manage the creation and integration of models (support).